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March: Welcome

As the month of March welcome us with wondrous winds and dusts,
it gets difficult to adjust to the weather and waking up to delightful moods.
So, If you only do one thing this month...

Imagine your Perfect Day.

Every time you have positive thoughts, your brain commands your body to produce happy hormones which promote health, relaxation and vibrant energy.
When you imagine your possibility,
imagine it in detail: Double your thought power.
Picture it All. It feeds your positive mindset, weakens negative thoughts
and your mental attitude becomes stronger.
Good things come about by choice, not chance.

-Jim Karas

Have a nice day!


Rue La Roux

Obsession with RED...

Respectively from top, VogueParisMay1988,photography:GuyBourdin,FerragamoSS'10MarioTestino,VintageLifemagazineHamptons,photographyMarcinTyzka, ChristianDiorshow,UnknownTumblr,SoveriegnMemories,Unknown,Unknown.


Alexander Vauthier <3

How can one look sooo Chic +Chivalrous on the ramp!!!!

Just one look

Beaming; Solve Sunsdbo

Tribute to: Alix Malka

Ohhh this just takes me to another place.....

In the last picture i recognize the Lanvin dress and the Cavalli
Does anyone recognize the others? The one with the fishtail
goes amazingly with the theme of the picture.



How dated does this photo look?

It was taken in 2009........weeeeeee

"Photographed by Wendy Bevan for Marie Claire Italia, Kori Richardson tries her best to exhibit excellent poise and grace. With an old age nostalgia embraced by stylist Elisabetta Massari, it is not a difficult task." -


Photo of Tonight

View Point is wow wow wow and to Everything.
Photo by Flavio Bartelt


Dreaam Boudoir

and.....I'm off!

respectively from top: 
KarlLagerfeld, McleishKelsey, MichelComte, AndrePinces, McleishKelsey, EliasWesel. 

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